Best Countries In Asia To Visit


Asia is the largest continent in the earth and also the most populous continent. The number of tourist visiting Asia is always in the steep. There are many people from various countries had visited Asia finding the wealth and prosperity in ancient period.

From the ancient period till now Asia is the wealthy continent and each country in the continent is having different climate conditions and culture. For example Tea and silk is popular in China. Cotton and spices are the popular agricultural products of India.

The technological growth in recent times made Asia the hub for electronic and automobile manufacturing.  The climatic conditions in Asia and also the natural environment in each country give thrilling experience to the tourist people.

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Among the so many countries in Asia, the most popular countries are China, Japan and India. China attracts more tourist people because of its rich culture and spiritual destination. China is urbanized and there are many ultra modern cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong. The traditional Great Wall of China, Mount Tai are still visited by many number of tourist people which were constructed so many years before.

The next country is Japan, it is the fastest growing country in the world and its growth rate is more than China. Tokyo Disney Land is the mostly preferred tourist place in Japan. It is the second Disney land after USA. Japan is famous for its bonsai classes, ikebana classes and origami classes.

India is the country in which every state in India has the unique culture, language, craft, art and dance. You can see old civilizations in India like Indus Valley civilization, The great Mughal kingdom, the world wonder the Taj Mahal, the Western Ghats and many other places.

The other countries in Asia include Bhutan. Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

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