How To Watch Movies And TV Shows Offline While On Travel?


Streaming HD movies or videos need high quality internet and it is not available everywhere. When you are planning a travel, prepare in advance for some entertainment on board or while you are at some place where there are no cellular towers. Download movies, TV Shows or videos before you start your travel. Remember not ever service comes with download features and though there are some that facilitate download facilities well in advance. This way you could save on international roaming charges which are very high for data.

MovieBox is an iOS app that allows you to watch latest movies and shows from your iPhone or iPad. is the place to check on how to make use of this excellent service.

Amazon Prime
It is a video app that can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. It works fine on Amazon Kindle Fires as well. You can download videos and watch them offline. All you need to do is to sign up for the app using an Amazon account.

You can select the movie or shows you prefer to watch and then click on the download button. The videos will download and you can see this in the download section, now you can watch the videos whenever you want even without internet connection. This feature is available only for Smartphones, tables and other handheld devices and not for laptops or PCs.

YouTube Red
This is a paid service offered by YouTube and comes with Google Play Music library. It is a worthwhile investment as the two comes for the price of Apple Music or Spotify. Downloading the video is simple, just open the YouTube app on your iPhone or android device and click on the menu.

Follow this with Save Offline option, this allows you to choose a resolution to download the video. Choose HD for higher quality but it may take more device space. The downloaded videos will be available on the profile tab, click on Offline videos to watch videos offline. Since it is available only on the app, it cannot be downloaded on your laptop.

Rentals and Buying
You can buy or rent videos both on Amazon Prime and YouTube Red. This gives you access to a large range of selection. Here you will be charged a rental for temporary access or you can buy and get permanent access to the video. The best part is that it can be downloaded to windows PC, Chrome book or Mac. This way you can your favorite videos on your laptop or tablets.

Rip Blu rays and DVDs
If you have a good collection on discs then you can rip to your digital files and can carry along with you. The files can be stored on the laptop or Smartphone. Watch them at your convenience while on travel or on a holiday. There are number of ripping tools available for free like Handbrake. It has presets to rip files based on compatibility of your phone or handheld devices.

Netflix is yet to come up with offline facility, but it is rumored that it is expected to launch soon and will work on the lines of Amazon Prime and YouTube Red.

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