Orange-essential-oilLemon oil from doterra is becoming increasingly popular due to its various lists of benefits to the health. Its fresh aroma is great for deodorizing the space and also used for cleaning application. The power citric acid in the lemon oil is capable of fighting against various fungi and other disease-causing microbes as well. To know more about Doterra lemon essential oil and its benefits, you should read this article further. Of late, people are becoming more health conscious, and have started exploring the benefits of different essential oils as mentioned in the website

Adding lemon oil to your beverage such as soda and sugary drink can make your consumption tastier and healthy. Lemon oil adds pleasing aroma and taste to any food items. Moreover, the citric acid in the lemon oil helps to improve digestion, when taken internally. You can also add few drops of lemon oil on the salad dressing to add more flavor and taste.

If you are someone, who regularly work on automobiles projects and garage, then it is more likely that you will get your hands black due to the grease. This black grease does not go easily, even though you wash with running water and soap for hours. This is where lemon oil comes to help. You can give more power to the soap by adding few drops of lemon oil to the water. The citric acid is the lemon oil has the capability to remove the tough grease.

Lemon oil can be used for exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation is a process, where the external dead cells of the skin are removed to give a rejuvenated look to your skin. You can make exfoliation scrub at home by adding few drops of lemon oil to small quantity of water and oatmeal. Then apply the mixture on your skin, leave for few minutes before you remove by washing with water.

Lemon oil gives a pleasing aroma that can easily remove bad odors and freshen up any space. You can make a solution by adding few drops of the lemon oil to the water. Then use the same water to mop or clean the floor or any other surface. However, you should keep in mind that some surface may react to the lemon. So, you need to make sure that surface, where you want to apply lemon oil mixture does not react to the lemon oil. Moreover, do not add more oil to the water. Just a drop of the lemon oil to a liter of water will be sufficient.

Lemon oil can be effectively used for cleaning your wood furniture. Add few drops of lemon oil to the olive oil and use the mixture to wipe the surface of the furniture. This can keep your furniture clean and also stay protected from fungus and other dangerous pests. This mixture is highly organic and non-toxic in nature. Therefore, your furniture will last long.

Having lemon oil at home can prove highly beneficial in many ways. This oil not only helps you improve your health, but also saves your money on buying cleaning agents and solutions.