workoutIf you are an athlete, you will surely know how crucial weight training is for your workout regime. Even if you are not an athlete, if you intend to lose those extra pounds, attain a lean look and also attain muscle mass, try a combination of strength training and cardio exercises. Weight vests help you burn the calories faster and helps you to do workouts of an individual who weighs more than you. Try to find the best weighted vest for your routine exercises, and you are halfway there in reaching the perfect chiseled look. Even the fitness expert, recommends weight vests as an effective way to burn up all those calories.

Why Should You Use Weight Vest?
Cardio training and strength training are the most common methods of exercises used for obtaining a fit body. The major difference between both is the time during which all those calories get burned. Cardio exercises help you to burn calories during the time you perform the exercise. But, weight training helps you to lose calories even after you finish the exercise.

While you perform cardio exercises, wouldn’t it be a great idea to do the exercise with some weight added to you? If you use a weight vest of say 10 pounds and then do the cardio exercise; it is exactly like performing workouts like a person who is 10 pounds heavier than you. This improves the intensity and also the efficiency of the workout and helps you to burn much more calories than usual. Thus, you could easily burn more calories within a short period. As the calories start burning and fat start to lose off from your body, you start developing lean muscles. As the workout becomes more intense with the usage of weight vests, subsequently the cardiovascular systems also start working harder. This helps to strengthen the cardiovascular systems and engages the whole body in workout. Thus, this trick of combining weight training and cardio exercises in one reaps huge benefits if done on a regular basis.

Studies That Proved The Effectiveness Of Weight Vests
Various studies were done about the usage of weight vests and the benefits achieved through it. A study was done by the Journal of Applied Physiology on people already having a good and steady performance of 3 days in a week for ten weeks. It was observed that the leg strength was improved by 30% and the running or cycling endurance was improved by 11 to 13%

The eminent researcher Heikki Rusko conducted a study using well-trained 12 athletes. He provided them with weight vests that were of weight 10% greater than their body mass. These athletes were made to wear the weight vests throughout the day. They were also asked to wear the vests during about 3-8 workouts in a week. Then he tested the results after four weeks. The test proved that the athletes require more oxygen to be able to run at a particular pace. Then the athletes were asked to take off the vests and continue exercises as usual. After 2 weeks, the running athletes were tested, and he observed that endurance, while sprinting rose to 25%, and running upstairs rose by 3%.