The Best Way To Succeed Online

Ever wonder how these big marketers out there are making huge lumps of money with their home business without ever having to spend so much money on advertising? Well in this article that you are about to read I’m going to tell you exactly what these successful entrepreneurs have been doing all along while keeping this method locked away in their strategy book with a master lock.

Have you ever heard of YouTube? I bet you did because it’s one of the biggest social media network and the 3rd world’s global page ranked on the internet. Everyone is using YouTube to either make money with their business or just for some viral exposure. This is exactly what we been using for a very long time to build our business online without having to spend over $5.

Now I’m going to tell you how it’s done. We create a short video talking about whatever keyword we choose to talk about; for an example if the keyword is about “How To Play Golf” then we will talk about golf in the video. First, we go to Google Keyword tool and look for a keyword with the most monthly visitors and less competition, and then we make the video and have them ranked on YouTube and Google by adding Back links and optimizing the video. The point is to have the video ranking in the first page of Google and YouTube to be found easily and faster.

I’m to give you an example of what I mean. If someone on Google is searching for “How To Make Money Online” then what’s the first thing that they are going to see? Whatever it’s in the first page of Google, and if it’s a video then guess what? They are going to click on the video because people would rather watch a video then read a long blog, So we rank our video with the keyword “How To Make Money Online” because that is what the person is typing on Google.

Many entrepreneurs are using this method every single day by following the step by step strategy by only spending one hour a day on each video and getting them ranked really fast. It’s good for your business and it puts your business on autopilot without you ever having to spend money on solo ads or any other expensive traffic source. This is one of the main secrets to all entrepreneurs all over the world.

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